The school was last inspected by Ofsted in December 2015. This school continues to be good in academics and sports as well. Leadership has a well-founded understanding of the priorities for the school and have put in place clear plans to drive further improvement. Leadership has created an inclusive school ethos where pupils’ academic and personal needs are paramount. Pupils feel safe, grow in confidence, and develop good learning behaviours. This is because everyone in the school nurtures and meets pupils’ social and emotional needs. Equally staff and governors are aspirational for pupils’ learning, setting high expectations for achievement. The early years provision is much improved and children are provided with a wide range of opportunities to develop their reading and writing skills. Their progress has accelerated over the last three years in 2015 the proportion of children achieving a good level of development was above the national average.

Director's mission

To establish a chain of schools/ institution, where children can grow up in the natural environment and where the gurukalam ambience prevails. And to provide state of the art facilities to the students to develop themselves.

School Vision

NWIS vision is to create the emerging leaders for tomorrow and build a strong foundation right from an early age, for each and every child. To offer an exceptional educational environment that develops compassionate, ethical and global citizens who are equipped to achieve their potential in education, work and life. We envisage a holistic development of every child to create a global leader in the area of his expertise.

Quality Policy

NWIS commits to nurture future global citizens who positively contribute towards India's economic development and world harmony. For this, the mission of NWIS is to train the young minds to discover and harness their resources, which will enable them to lead a more meaningful and fulfilling life of personal, professional and social excellence. Towards the end, the school endeavors to provide academic, cultural, social, physical, and moral education of world-class standards. To ensure continual improvement there will be constant introspection, assessment and implementation leading to the satisfaction of parents and guardians.



NWIS aims to help each and every student to become an independent lifelong learner in this changing & challenging trends.

NWIS aims to become the centre of excellence in the field of education. NWIS endeavors kindling a fire in the young minds of its pupils, preparing them for a world of tomorrow which is full of challenges.

Principal's Message

I along with our dedicated & experienced staff, are committed to provide the students with a secure, caring and educational environment to achieve personal excellence. Our first priority is academic success, at the same time a wide range of sporting and cultural activities at NWIS.

I believe “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” Even as we impart education to match the advancement in technology and globalization, we march our children ahead with ethics of moral values and principles. We endeavor constantly to instill these qualities in our children. And as a Principal my aim is to fulfill the Vision, Mission & Goals of the Management